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Window Scrappage Schemes

There are currently many window companies advertising "Window Scrappage Schemes" both in the local and national press.

However, although the Government have recently introduced a boiler scrappage scheme, and we have all heard of the Government backed Vehicle Scrappage Scheme, there is actually no such scheme in place for window replacements, nor is there likely to be in the forseeable future despite the window industry petitioning Downing Street in favour of one!

So, how are these generous sounding companies financing the scheme? Well, you see that is the problem, because they are not, you are! It's the same old sales ploy that has been used time after time to lure in unsuspecting consumers. So how does it work?  A prospective customer reads how they could get a large sum of money by scrapping their windows, and calls the company making the offer. The Sales Representative , who is hoping to earn a large commission from said customer prices up the work, secretly adding on the promised scrapage (amount plus a bit more for luck). The windows sound expensive but you would expect to pay more for A Rated upvc windows , and once the Salesman has deducted the "Scrapage Allowance" the price doesn't seem quite as bad. The "victim"... sorry... customer thinks he's taken advantage of a genuine scheme and the salesman walks away with his hefty commission for two to three hours work !

Of course A Rated windows cost more to manufacture, as the materials are more expensive. The perceived value of A rated windows is also quite high, they can potentially save the homeowner a lot of money in future fuel bills after all. However, at Windseal Double Glazing we prefer to quote you a fair price that genuinely reflects the added material cost, rather than starting at an inflated price in order to offer you fictional discounts or scrapage schemes.

Don't be fooled by these fictional schemes, they are NOT Government backed like the genuine Vehicle Scrappage Scheme. They are simply another con so the salesman can get his foot in your door!




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