DIY double glazing – should you really Do It Yourself?

This is the dilemma many homeowners face when they decide their windows and doors need replacing. Is it advisable to choose DIY Double Glazing?On the one hand if you are quite handy with DIY you could save yourself a substantial amount of money. One the other it would be good to know that you have a ten year guarantee should anything go wrong. We can’t tell you which decision to make but here are a few reasons why you should (or shouldn’t) DIY!

Cost of DIY versus fully installed

As mentioned before, if you are handy with DIY you could save yourself some money on fitting costs. It would also allow you to spread the cost if you only purchase one or two windows at a time. Pace yourself and fit one each week or even each month when payday comes around. many companies have a free measuring service and will keep your sizes and styles on file so that you can  order them as and when suits you.

What About Quality Of workmanship?

You could argue that the quality of workmanship would be much higher if you have your new windows and doors installed by a professional company. Depending on your DIY skill level this could be true. However I have seen many a DIY customer make a superb job of installing their windows. A typical house proud DIYer will take his or her time getting the finish just right and too their liking. It’s not just windows and doors that you can do yourself. Conservatories and porches are also popular DIY items.

Will Your DIY double glazing have a guarantee?

All of our DIY double glazing carries the same ten year guarantee as our installed windows. The only difference you need to be aware of is the fact that we can only guarantee the product and not the fitting. So if your silicon comes off at some point, it’s up to you to re-seal the window. If a glass unit breaks down with the guarantee period we will happily supply a new on, but you will have to install it yourself.

However with our full installation service  these things would be covered. It’s also worth mentioning that our installations are registered with Fensa* and have a ten year insurance backed warranty** Not having a FENSA certificate is not the end of the world as we know it. If you try to sell your home , it is  one of the first things your solicitor will ask for. However it is possible for DIYers to obtain a certificate from the local council. For a small charge the council will send out an inspector who will check that your windows meet regulations and issue you with a certificate.

Whatever you decide we can help

At Windseal we can measure your windows, deliver them and supply any trims and sealant you need. One at a time or all at once, we are happy to be of service. I often advise clients to try a small downstairs window first to see how they manage. Many times they realise just how easy it is, but occasionally they realise they’d rather we just did it all for them!

So, DIY double glazing is a realistic option for many. Alternatively leave it all to us and we’ll take care of everything! Whichever you choose, Windseal Double Glazing will offer you the same quality of service for years to come.


*residential windows and doors are registered with FENSA. There is no requirement to register Porches, conservatories, and outhouse windows and doors with FENSA.

**All jobs registered with FENSA are also registered with National Warranties and a premium is paid on your behalf.