Is your heating on yet?

Every year at home we have a discussion about when to put the heating on. Asking around friends and family, the general consensus, and my personal preference, is October. In years gone by we have had fairly chilly Septembers, and have had to give in and put it on much sooner. This year has been mild so far, and I have just realised that it is almost the end of October. Amazingly it still isn’t coming on by itself yet!

Of course we have had to put it on a couple of times manually, but although it is on a timer, it just hasn’t been cold enough to come on by itself. I don’t think we have ever gone this far into October before, so I’m wondering if it has something to do with the improvements we have made to the house over the last few years. Extra insulation was added where possible when we had some renovations completed, and new A rated windows were installed. A good solid composite front door also eliminated a draughty cold spot. A combination of better insulation and energy efficient windows has made a massive difference to the overall ambient temperature of the house.

Everyone wants to be greener don’t they?

With all of the energy saving products around these days it has never been easier for you to keep your heating bills down. We should all be taking advantage of as many of them as you we afford. Not only will this reducing your energy bills, but it will also help the planet by being greener.  Windows and doors have always been the culprit for letting most of your precious heat escape.  Everyone wants to be greener don’t they?  I haven’t had a smart meter installed yet. Mainly because the cynic in me can’t help but think that Energy companies will only put the prices up if we use less gas and electricity!